Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza di Modena - Conferenza pubblica - Prof. Tim Hillier De Montfort University



Prof. Tim Hillier
De Montfort University

The Anglo-Saxon Vice.
The UK's obsession with imprisonment

Public Conference

Aula O-P
3.45 p.m.


Tim Hillier is Director of the Law School at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

He has taught and researched International Law, both public and private, including International
Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and International Environmental Law.

His work in this area includes the books Principles of Public International Law (1998) and Casebook on
International Law (1998). More recently, he has published in the area of International
Criminal Law with a particular interest in the sentencing and punishment of those found
guilty of genocide and other extraordinary crimes.

His most recent book Blamestorming, Blamemongers and Scapegoats: Allocating blame in the criminal justice process (2015)
was co-authored with Gavin Dingwall.

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